Saturday, February 26, 2011

there once was a boy named Jack...

we tend to think of obesity as a condition of our times along with anxiety and depression a side effect of the modern lifestyle. but there have always been heavy people, especially in the late 19th century when hardy meant healthy and meals were banquets for the rich of their times. jack however, was not of the gentry and so his weight was unusaul. in fact it was his mother's greatest pride that by feeding him a diet of cow's milk with a soup spoons of flower mixed in 8 times a day from his birth to his 3rd birthday she was able to get him up to a weight usually found in a 12-year-old at just 36 months.

ack was a healthy boy, fit as a fiddle, if somewhat capricious and prone to tantrums when hungry which quickly began to become almost all the time. it was one of these tantrums that led to his demise. his mother no longer able to keep his sated watched as he jumped the fence of Andre Johannson's pigsty one hungry afternoon God knows what he hpoed to acheive, eat a live pig? but in was the pigs that ate him. RIP.

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