Friday, February 18, 2011

beware the dark

last night when driving home through the forest i nearly crashed my car into this bremen menagerie. thank god, i'd tuned up the car just two days before. the breaks worked perfectly and i escaped unharmed. (as did the beasts). but i really got a scare and when i came home i had to lie down in the dark and the silence and try to process what i'd seen. four animals one on top of the other, like some satanic rite, and yet, i knew it wasn't evil that had motivated this animals to climb on top of each other's back but a yearning... for harmony. harmony amongst beasts in the world. they were acting out of love. the cat and dog not actually laying down together but working together like chinese acrobats, balancing as effortlessly as if they'd spent their whole lives practicing for exactly this moment.

the next day i returned to the scene on my bike (i was too spooked to drive for days) and in the gray cloudy daylight i saw nothing. no evidence of the miracle i witnessed the night before. at first i was relieved and then disappointed but ultimately i realized that what was important was that i'd seen it at all (and managed to photograph it!)

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