Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back in the day...

ahhh, yessss. i remember, the days of wine and song, the 1980s...i can clearly remember sitting in the back of a yellow cab heading west on houston, off to an evening in the west village or soho. it was summer and still light out. we'd heard of keith, i'd seen his work in the elevator he tagged in a friend's loft building in noho, and of course the classic crack is wack mural on the upper east side you could see from the fdr (which this may be but i think it's the downtown version). we all appreciated his style, so modern, so post-modern, such a perfect mix of high and low and as for the subject, crack was wack and still is. i never understood how is took root in the ghetto, after all its horrific effects were visible to one and all with the psychotic drooling zombies it created, far worse than the drowsy junkies, this was fucked up.

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