Sunday, May 17, 2009

the simple pleasures

The simple pleasures are really the best. A still life from your life. That you see for the first time. Because of the light. Or because for once you're there, really there, in the instant. The harmony and interplay between all the elements in the picture tickle your fancy and push you to capture that which the brain sees through the eye at that time. In a vain attempt keep the present from the past.

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  1. Hey Mr Cellphone... got your message ! Fantastic ! Just read through all your posts... I like what you are doing here, sort of minimalist but funky and fun... count me in on your blog adventure, am pleased to be your follower number two... missed that pole position, tough luck. The start of a long voyage starts with a single... cell phone picture. Am looking forward to seeing many more ! And drop by the Magic Lantern anytime, I'm putting the kettle on so the water will be hot when you get here... later my friend !